I have been afflicted with the "horse bug" for many years.  it was with my first pay cheque that I bought a weanling colt in 1971.  The following spring I bought four broodmares, three of which were bred by the Sutton Ranch in South Dakota.  Nearly all of the horses I have raised over the years can trace back to at least one of these four mares.     
      I try to raise horses possessing good conformation, disposition, athletic ability and size.  To achieve this I have used both running and working bred stallions.     
      The objective of the program is to produce horses which could compete in the timed events, arena events, do pasture work as well as be a pleasure mount.  Some of the pedigrees are better known in some disciplines than are others but there is a blend running and working in nearly all the horses.    
      For the future...     
      I enjoy showing the horses.  The coffee pot is always close to a burner.Visitors are Welcome!
Dwight Ungstad
R.R. #4 Ponoka, AB 
T4J 1R4
Webpage: ungstadqtrhorses.com
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